10 Days of Resilience

A 10 day coaching programme to a start you on your resilience journey.

From building a growth mindset, developing your confidence and self-belief, to knowing how to create your resilience strategy, this 10 day programme will give you the foundations to build a more resilient future.

Join the coaching programme and access the tools you need to create your own personalised resilience strategy. You’ll learn what it takes to create a mindset that enables you to thrive as you encounter the obstacles life throws at you, whilst effectively dealing with challenges and navigating change.

Our Mission

To help you thrive.
And it’s all in the mind.
Your mind.

At the Resilience Edge we’re resilience experts, performance psychologists, success coaches and wellbeing consultants.

Our transformational development and coaching programmes will inspire you to take control of your personal success, empower you to move forward in your life and give you the tools to thrive in your career and personal life.

Create your edge The Resilience Edge.

Corporate Resilience Programmes

The Resilience Edge at work.

Building corporate resilience has been described as the missing link in creating success.

Creating a resilient organisation has been proven to boost employee performance and wellbeing.

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Resilience Resources

Our resources are designed to help you overcome challenges, enhance personal performance and flourish in your professional and personal life.

Access our tools, tips, articles and videos to create your own Resilience Edge.

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